I can imagine the sense of denial or disbelief when you read this one.  I’m pretty sure the mental conversation went something like this:

YOU: “I don’t have a degree in anything to qualify me as a teacher!”

YOU2: “You have been a SAHM for years!  What could you possibly teach someone else?”

YOU3: “There are so many more qualified people online…What can YOU contribute?”

YOU4: “Well maybe I can show someone how to make a budget for their family?”

YOU: “Don’t you know there’s websites, downloads, and apps for that?”

YOU2: “Besides, if you were so good at budgeting money, why would you consider trying to make more?”

YOU3: “You don’t even know HOW to create a course!”

YOU4: “You’re right.  It was a dumb idea…”  (Sadness!!)

That ENTIRE mental conversation just happened in about 32 seconds…

No one else was consulted.  No questions asked.  No research was done.

Did you know that having an idea for a course on a subject that ALREADY has courses created is the BEST ones to have?

Think about it…
The market research was done by someone else.  People WANT to learn about that topic or there wouldn’t be other courses already!

So, now you’re down one argument.




You think you need a degree to share knowledge with others?

How in the world did education begin?  Someone sat down and said, I want you to know what I know.  Degrees are just a piece of paper that says you learned from this specific school.

The School of Life, aka School of Hard Knocks, does NOT hand out degrees, diplomas, or certificates.  That does NOT mean that what YOU know is less valuable!


Thinking you have ENOUGH money is a dangerous thought indeed.  A person cannot know the future and see what financial situations can occur.  The best and safest option is to make more money while you can.  So having a budget helps you SAVE money and be responsible.  Making money creates financial freedom from future worries.  MANY people in the world could use a little financial freedom!  As for websites, downloads, and apps, if one for each subject were enough, we wouldn’t need an app store!  Plus, someone may need YOUR story to resonate with.  They might need to feel connected to you and then be able to see how a budget like yours could work for them.  If you don’t build it, they won’t come.
As for the problem of not knowing HOW to create a course, that’s probably the silliest one of all!  You weren’t BORN knowing how to read.  You learned.  You were taught by people who already knew how.  The same thing goes for cooking, driving, flying a plane, or even making a bed.  There are so many wonderful course building instructors available.  To be honest.  I am one of them!  I built my first course on marketing.  My next course for 2019 is going to be…duh-duh-duh… a course on building courses!  It will cover everything from finding an idea, market research, course development, tools and technology, marketing, and launching your dream course into the world.

I hope I’ve peaked your interest and sparked a light in you.  If you can think it, you can DO it!

If you have a course idea you want to share, or get feedback on, comment below!

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