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What is “Niche Blogging”?

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market. Niche blogs (also commonly referred to as “niche websites”) may appeal to “geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any other particular group of people.” ~As explained by Wikipedia

When people talk about blogging, it ALWAYS includes the niche that the blogger has chosen.  One of the most well-known niches is the mom-blog.  This market is based on knowledge shared by moms around the world; their parenting styles, clothing, and food choices, co-sleeping, bottle-feeding vs breastfeeding, homeschooling vs public schooling and so on.  The mom-blog is a very broad niche these days, and any of these topics listed (plus many more) can be used as a more specific niche market.



Another niche market for blogging is the foodie-blog.  How many pictures of dinner, snacks, desserts, breakfasts, ethnic cuisine, even food art have you seen on your social media accounts?  People love FOOD!  They love food that tastes good, food that looks good, and especially food that is “out of the norm”.  Some niches include organic food, vegan food, ethnic foods such as Latin, Cajun, Italian, Carribean, French, and more.  You can even include homemade foods versus restaurant or catering styled foods.

Then you have the fashion industry.  I think the only thing people like as much as food, is clothing!  Haute couture, Goodwill/ thrift store finds, vintage, and even the MLM clothing industry.  Getting dressed for work, date night, or the gym and everyone shares a selfie!  Let’s not get into the make-up world…LOL.  Looking good and feeling good is an amazing market to tap into.

What do you need to get started?

So the first thing you need is your niche.

Choosing a domain name that represents your idea and niche is step 2.  You can check the availability of your domain name for free HERE.

Once you have it registered, you need a website.  You can start with a FREE one, but as I explain to my children and clients, You Get What You Pay For, and if you decide you want to grow your site, you may find it difficult when using a free site builder.  Remember in the main post about business ideas for introverts, I told you I created a business for DIY blogging?  Well, I offer a complete Blog Building Bundle that is built on WordPress and uses the Divi Theme and Builder as your frame.  It is completely expandable and 100% customizable for any style or brand you decide on, or even evolve into.  You can check it out HERE.

I even have a free Facebook group for anyone who has a question about Divi, you can join HERE.  However, as part of my Blog Building Bundle, I have a page full of Divi tutorials and a client’s only Facebook group that I do LIVE Q &As in as well as tutorials.


Then comes the FUN part!  Content creation!!  This is where you take pictures, create graphics,  and write about what makes your heart beat!

Once you have content on your site, you can focus on marketing and getting your blog out into the world, read by others and recognized!  There are several different types of marketing available and some people choose to pay for these services to be handled by “professionals”.  In this, I would agree unless you have the time to spend learning your chosen form from social media (which includes choosing a/your platforms), SEO (search engine optimization), and building an email list.  Marketing how-to would need to be a WHOLE other post!  LOL

Once you get these in place, you just wash, rinse, and repeat from content creation down!

Have a blog idea?  Share it below!

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