Do You Calendar? Journal? Track?

How many times a day do you think to yourself, “Dang!  I can’t remember what I needed to do?” or maybe it’s, “Where did I write that number down?” or even, “You need me where, when?  I’m not sure.  Let me check and get back to you”.  Sound like a few moments of your regularly scheduled day?  Yup, it did for me too.

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Now I have calendars for my calendars!  (Well, maybe not THAT bad…)  The pictures above are some of the “pre-set up” options available. I <3 <3 <3 Happy Planners with all their amazing add-ons, stickers, stencils and more!  I also added a bundle of bullet journaling goodies to give you a boost!

However, I do have a few calendars.  I have my Google calendar that goes everywhere my phone and other devices go.  I also have a desk calendar (like the one above ^^^) for my simple work tasks.  This is where I write the topics of my days.  Such as Marketing Mondays, Website Wednesdays, and Shopping Saturdays.  This helps me remember the theme I set for creative work for that day, and what my social media topics for the day should fall into.  It’s also perfect for taking notes on a phone call instead of that random piece of paper I end up finding inside my son’s weekly school folder, or that the cat is currently snuggled up with!

A couple other tools I keep at my fingertips for my organizational sanity are Google KEEP and Trello.  KEEP is another amazing and FREE tool provided by Google.  It’s an app on my phone and tablet, and on my desktop.  The joys of linked/synced technology is that I can add a note on any device and it is almost instantly available on any device I sign into.  It has capabilities for Notes, Check Boxes, Images, Videos, Audio recordings, and even Drawings.  It uses your current Google storage to sync with your devices. 

Trello is my brain dump area that I can then go through and sort out into order of value and importance.  It has a FREE tier (which is what I use), a Business level, and an Enterprise level.  I stay with the free one currently because it’s pretty much all I need. This image is an actual screenshot of my Boards Dashboards, in my account.  It has Personal Boards and then Business Boards.  It’s at least worth a peek!

You can click the image —> and start your own account for FREE as well!  I use it for my personal/household life as well as to hold all my business schedules and ideas.  Another lovely factor of an online business is that Trello is available anywhere you have an internet connection. 

I also love the idea of Bullet Journaling!  However, I can’t seem to squeeze the time to actually  DO IT!  I love the designs, the creative options, the colors, the layouts, ALL of it!  I have even bought the markers, pens, stickers, washi tape, notebooks, rulers, and so on.  I have pinned SOOOO much on bullet journaling that I could pop…LOL.  Still nada.  So now I tell myself that when I get to my goals financially I can step back and create one for the FUN of it!  That makes it a reward and not a chore!  Here is my Bu-Jo (Bullet Journaling) board which covers pretty much EVERYTHING in this endeavor!  …maybe I can do a post on ALL the tools I bought for this…hmmmmmm….

Do you have a Pinterest Pin that I could add?  Comment the link below and I will definitely check it out!  😀


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