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introvert, wife, mother, ceo

Hey Y’all!  I’m Lorri…

I help Introverts realize that success in not just for those on center-stage or networkers, & party-goers.  I want them to see that being sassy and successful is for anyone and everyone.  For Introverts like us, success can be less about public recognition and more about reaching personal goals.  Introverts like to dive deep into conversations, not skim the top and talk about the weather.  We work better in small groups, than large ones.  I focus on DIY online business building and Small Tribe workshops.  Check it out!

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I needed to spread my wings.  I needed to feel SUCCESS, and even failure.  I went to college when my 6th child was a toddler.  I graduated with a degree in business.  I studied marketing and ethics.  I learned psychology.  I LEARNED!!  Then I found out that there was a this thing called “online business”.  It came in all different forms.  I learned about social media marketing and email list building.  I learned about online courses and simpler web site building and design.  The more I learned, the more I wanted other moms, introverts, and wall flowers to find their own space and master their domain.  No more at the mercy of the extroverted “show stoppers”.  Never hearing or fearing negativity again!  YOU are the source of your power!  TAKE it!!  SHAPE it!!  SHARE it!!

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You Don’t Tell ME What To Do


After decades of hearing that I can’t or won’t be able to succeed if I don’t change ME, I realized that someone else’s idea of success and mine do not have to look exactly the same!  Some days success looks like making my bed.  Other days, success is filling all the spots in my Small Tribes group.  Ah-ha moments are guaranteed successes in my book, no matter if the ah-ha is mine or yours!

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