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What is an “Etsy Seller”?

An etsy seller is a person who sells vintage, antique, or handmade items at Etsy.com

They have a seller’s handbook and specific policies for what is allowed and NOT allowed (prohibited) to be sold on their site.  Some of the items are pretty standard for what is not acceptable to be sold online such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography, and similar items.  Please check out their Prohibited Items page for ALL the details.

Things that are allowed include paper products such as cards, digital products such as downloadable items and printables, custom designed T-shirts and clothing, knitted and crocheted items, handmade soap and bath products, and more!

If you have a creative streak and even a little skill, then Etsy can be profitable for you!


I have used Etsy many times in my businesses, usually digital papers for backgrounds or even specific graphics or layouts.  Many digital designers have commercial licenses included with their products or available at an additional price.

If you are familiar with my DIY website business, Kiss-Sites, then you will recognize my logo.  The metallic lips were purchased on Etsy!

Opening an Etsy shop is fairly simple with their wizard.  The fees are minimal, especially if you have a digitally downloadable product that does not require shipping.  I have several digital products for sale and I may add some more items as we go through the year.  As an introvert, I can’t think of anything easier than a self-ran, instant service shop that delivers my product without me!  If you have physical products it will require more attention and effort, but still minimal people skills. 😉

It uses the same marketing skills as a niche blog, a social media platform (or more), SEO (search engine optimization), and/or email list building.  To build an email list, you still need a website with an opt-in box for collecting emails as that is NOT offered by Etsy.

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