E-commerce reselling what??

E-commerce reselling is where an individual or business entity purchases goods to resell for a profit.  The goods can be resold as individual item or regrouped as a bundle.  These items can be physical products or digital downloads.  They can be purchased from the creator/developer or wholesale from a separate company, known as B2B or Business to Business.  It’s different from affiliate marketing in the aspect that the seller is not redirecting a consumer to the items for them to purchase and receiving a “finder’s fee”.   In this case, the seller is the business delivering the product.

I use affiliate links throughout my website.  These links are used to track my performance in sharing products and information with my audience and also pays me a small fee as a result, and in no way adds any extra costs to any items available through clicking links on this site.

What types of products are “resold”?

  1. Games & Entertainment
  2. Digital Info & Products
  3. Home, Garden, & Pets
  4. Apparel, Jewelry, & Accessories
  5. Food & Beverage
  6. Electronics & Accessories
  7. Health, Beauty, & Care
  8. Handmade & Custom Products

Some individuals/businesses choose to use “drop-shippers”.  These are wholesale companies that take your orders and mail directly to the customer.  You keep ZERO inventory in stock.  Another avenue is to order from wholesalers, have the stock delivered to you/your warehouse/storage facility, and you ship from you to the customer.  This requires more overhead unless you are using your garage, spare room, or another form of space available without any extra costs.  This allows for your inspection of the products BEFORE they are listed and sold, to prevent any costly mishaps, replacements, and negative reviews.  A third possibility is FBA, Fulfilled By Amazon.  This uses either of the other ways to handle products, but you ship to an Amazon facility and THEY deliver (with Prime if acceptable) from them to your customers.  This has become very popular with the growth of Amazon and their multiple shipping facilities which minimizes delivery times.

The above uses PHYSICAL products.  Now we can discuss digital products.  There are several positive aspects to selling digital items.  One of the best aspects is the lack of shipping and handling.  A digital product is generally delivered instantly upon payment.  Sometimes a link is sent via email, other times it’s a .zip file.  Another positive aspect is that only ONE of each item needs to be created.  If you sell e-books, the author only needs one digital version.  It can be sent 1,000,000 times (or more) but it only needs a single “copy” that will be duplicated/ accessed digitally.  This requires NO to minimal storage and ZERO shipping and handling fees or delays.  You can open your own website storefront or use platforms like Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy (for certain types of digital products).

The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.  You can mix and match ANY of the previously mentioned methods to build your “empire”. 
Comment below with what you have tried, what you want to try, or even why you want too!  😀

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