What EXACTLY is “affiliate marketing”? 

According to the dictionary… a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.  For those of us who speak HUMAN…lol… It’s simply where a person can make money from recommending products and services to others.  In most instances, this is NOT going to be like winning the lottery.  It’s usually a small percentage of the sale, 1-10%.  

How do I get started in affiliate marketing?

  1. Decide on a niche.
  2. Research affiliate programs, products, and requirements.
  3. Build a site, or set of landing pages, or share on social media.
  4. Create unique content.
  5. Establish an audience.
  6. Promote your affiliate product(s)with links.
  7. Repeat steps #4–7 on a consistent basis!



CJ is a “bank” style website that offers a plethora of marketing opportunities.  Each company has it’s own requirements regarding using a website with a minimum following, or the ability to use social media, or even just a landing page.


There are really 2 types of affiliate marketing options.  Individual companies that offer affiliate marketing and “banks” which is a website with multiple companies, many of which offer single products for marketers.  Below are several individual companies that I personally affiliate market for.  Some offer cash compensation while others offer money off of the services I use.


Clickbank’s name is enough to tell you what type of affiliate opportunities it has available.  I have used both of these of “banks” myself, and the individual companies.   It becomes a matter of preference and the type of marketing you are interested in.

I use affiliate links throughout my website.  These links are used to track my performance in sharing products and information with my audience and also pays me a small fee as a result, and in no way adds any extra costs to any items available through clicking links on this site.


This is my marketing platform.  They offer email list services as well as webinar options and a reliable CRM.  EVERYONE gets a FREE 30-day trial of each level.


Apply, share customized links for products you love and then wait for a sale.  You start with a 4% commission and can upgrade your % based on consistent sales.

1 and 1 Ionos

This is MY domain host for my websites.  It really is this simple.

1. Recommend a product.

2. Wait for a sale.

3. Earn money.

Legging Army

Legging Army is an online retailer for women’s clothing (and even children).  It offers a 25% discount and a 25% commission for each sale.  It even has a tiered earning program in case you want to create a “team” under you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding affiliate marketing.  Check out my affiliate marketing board on Pinterest!  I welcome any comments and ideas you wish to share!  Who are you an affiliate for?

In order to stay compliant with the FCC, you must post a disclaimer on EACH page with affiliate links.  Make sure to do your due diligence in research to avoid any legal issues.

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