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The Best Way to Learn is to Teach!

My goal is to share my love of knowledge with women searching for the keys to success in a business of their own creation.  It is my mission to share these skills and learning techniques with those who are seeking to define or redefine their ideas of success in life, family, and business.

Whom Do I Serve?

I am in the service of the women around me, seeking to build the next phase of their life.  The women who put school or careers on hold for a family or other life experiences.  I am here for women who planned for a future that included being needed 24/7 and now find that there is more time available to dream, learn, plan, and do.

Serving since 2014

When I graduated with my degree I wanted to help the world!  Four years later my desire has been narrowed down to serve others and help them one-at-a-time.  I want to help women who have found themselves passing the point of motherhood when we aren’t required to be in service of our family 24/7.  When I hit that point, it was chaos.  I had never planned that far in advance and had no idea what to do with myself.

I know the fear mingled with curiosity.  The hope mixed with the need to be needed.  The anxiety of determining how much of yourself you can dedicate to a new endeavor.

Take each step one-at-a-time, but TAKE IT!

Step #1
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Our Values

Family First

It doesn’t matter if your family is you, you +1, you plus a furry baby, or you +7.  Family is one of our top 3 priorities, and we recognize yours is too!


Nothing in this life was ever meant to be done alone.  We are building a community of people who have similar values, drives, and ethics.


Time is the only asset we have that cannot be bartered with or extended.  It is a very finite resource and we understand that yours is as valuable to you as it is to us.
I thought my life would forever be full of baby bottles, diapers, and laundry.  I could not imagine a world beyond 24/7 mothering.  Now, as a businesswoman, creating online courses for women in similar shoes, I find life is still never boring!
Lorri M. Davis


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