As an introvert, (self-proclaimed “extreme” introvert), building a business seemed to be a pipe-dream.  What kind of business could I build where I had to interact with new people or large groups of people on a minimal basis? I tried to force myself to BE more outgoing by joining a health and fitness MLM, which by its very nature requires you to talk to new people and attend business events with hundreds, if not thousands of people!  Needless to say, my team never grew, and thus neither did my business.

Imagine my surprise when I found out there are REAL, money-making businesses out there that fit my personality type!  I’m 44 years old and only this past Christmas realized that making and selling courses online (by “normal” people, not GURUs) existed!  I thought you had to be an expert in an important field like psychology, marketing, or business administration to be of value.  As a SAHM and wife for 20+ years, I was an expert at changing diapers, making dinner, solving disputes, homeschooling, and chauferring.  I literally cried when my youngest finally went to public school because I thought I had zero marketable skills!

Enter a couple who has successfully created a business online by teaching others.  After spending 2 weeks in their group I began researching this idea of building a business online.  I then spent the next 10 months learning, building, evolving, and finally creating an online business comprised of 3 websites (I built myself), an almost complete online course in marketing, and DIY website building company, with a few digital downloads sprinkled along the way.  ALL of which was done sitting in front of my computer!

Here are 6 businesses that YOU should check into if you are an introvert, feel like the world is too big for you, or if you are like I am… and just peeking out into the world outside of motherhood. <3  Click the topic to go to the post on what it is and the basics of getting started in that field.

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